1 Day Tour to Jinja and See the source of the Nile

The River Nile is the second longest in the world. It is 6400 miles long and it originates in Jinja East of Uganda and ends in the Mediterranean sea, the White Nile takes its first big step down along the 6,300 kilometre journey to the Mediterranean Sea. Also labelled the Victoria Nile through Lake Kyoga, over Karuma and Murchison Falls and into the top end of Lake Albert. It is referred to as the Albert Nile to the Sudanese border where the label changes to Bahr el Jebel. Past Juba and into the biggest swamp in the world, the longest river eventually meets up with the Blue Nile in the centre of Khartoum. About one eighth of the flow reaches Egypt and eventually joins the Mediterranean Sea. The cascade that forms the first big step is called Bujagali Falls, ‘Budhagali’ in Lusoga, the language of the Basoga people who live in this area on the east bank of the Nile. Here the river is split into 7 channels and the roar of a million litres per second, fills the air. A blanket of sound to comfort all who sleep within earshot. For thousands of years this site has been visited by humans and the beauty of the place must have been a big attraction since so many activities are done here like white Water rafting, Bungee jumping and Boat cruises
After breakfast drive to the East of the country to Jinja,you will be taken by boat to the actual point where the river starts. After this, go back to land and proceed to Bujagali Falls several kilometers downstream from the Source. Have lunch and proceed to Kampala having a stopover at Mabira Rain Forest.